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Damn, I really miss you every god damn second Girl. #NY #Red . Both our lifes were better when we were friends.


Qmimet e naftes ne fund te viteve 1970. Gasoline prices in the late 70s

I wanna sing to you.

Beyonce Kanye West The Weeknd Drunk In Love (Lyrics)

[Intro: Danyèl Waro]
Kinm in kalot oté Mandela
Twé la pa mèt dan la gèl banna
Twé la pèt amwin

[Intro: Beyonce]
We be all night

[Verse 1: Kanye West]
Woo! You will never need another lover
Woo! Cause you a milf and I’m a motherfucker
Told you give the drummer some, now the drummer cummin’
I’m pa rum pa pum pumin’ all on your stomach
Yeah, tonight I see some super freaky hoes
That could go from bein’ stripper to a super C.E.O
I don’t know the way you do it, but you do it to me though
And you always told your girlfriends you need you a TV show
Now you got your own money, you don’t need nobody else
But far as handlin’ all that ass, I think you gon’ need some help
Let me remind you, you got a, you got a great future behind you
You gotta tell me what we tryna do
I ain’t no pastor, don’t do missionary
I know good pussy when I see it, I’m a visionary
I know them haters talkin’, always had us very wary
Yup! On the 35th of Nevuary
Yup! You love the way I’m turnt
After all the money you earned, still show daddy what you learned
That cowgirl, you reverse that cowgirl
You reverse, you reverse, and I impregnated your mouth, girl, ooooh
That’s when I knew you could be my spouse, girl
We fuckin’ all over the house, girl, we just messed up a brand new couch, girl
You ain’t on site then you on Skype
I put you on that bike, you bound, girl
We too wild, won’t turn down
We drunk in love, fuck them

[Intro: Weeknd]

I’ve been mixin’, I’ve been sippin’
Since I been 20, on that lean, baby girl
I’ve been poppin’, and I’ve been rollin’
Since I was 17, I’ve been geekin’ on that water
I want you, now now
I’m not tryna fuck tomorrow baby I want you, now now

Don’t take my number, don’t want your number
I’ll call you back if that head right baby

I won’t love you, I can’t love you
Unless that pussy got some super powers
I want you, now now
I’m not trying to fuck tomorrow baby I want you, now now

And I woke up in the kitchen saying
“How the hell did this shit happen?”
Oh baby, drunk in love
We be all night
The last thing I remember is your beautiful body grindin’ in the club
Drunk in love

We be all night, love, baby, love
We be all night, love, baby, love

[Verse 2]
Wanna fuck a skinny model right before her runway show
She the one in the back, nose running from the blow
And we did it on the floor,that’s why she walkin’ kind of funny
Should’ve never put us on, bitch I’m only 24
And everybody salty, niggas stop your bitchin’
Everybody makin’ money, we don’t need to kick it
I’m chillin’ with my niggas, every body got a crib
Did an album just to do it, droppin’ albums like a pill
Percocets, Adderall, ecstasy, pussy, money, weed
Faded for a week, I don’t sleep, fuck my enemies
Try to stay sane is like a full time hobby
Everything I do, fake niggas always copy
All I want to do is go on tour and drop albums
And if I live forever, probably drop a hundred thousand
Dick made out of magic, my tongue got superpowers
I woke up in the mornin’, models passed out in the shower



Every step that I take is another mistake to you.
And every second I waste is more than I can take.

You make me somebody
Ain’t nobody knows me.

I wrote a song for you, I wanna sing to you
But every time I’m close to you, the words wanna come out, but I forget


The next big millionaire. Me #confident #future #boss

Flm per kaffen…

I stand here waiting for you all the time
Hope you recognize before I fall apart
The one question staying on my mind
Is why you keep playing with my heart

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